Dear members of the Diocesan community,

In this time of unprecedented health crisis, we are all staying indoors for safety. You may find yourself with more free time on your hands, so have you ever thought about spending your time with more fun beyond Zoom classes? The teaching staff of our school look forward to sharing some ideas with you, through a series of programmes we call the “DBS Booster” (拔萃加油站).

Video sharings and challenges will be posted on our Facebook (Diocesan Media) and Instagram( page. After going through a productive few months of online learning, this page hopes to cater to the other parts of our lives, ensuring the mental health and physical well-being of the Diocesan community. Some of the upcoming highlights include fun household challenges, virtual morning assemblies and heartfelt messages from staff and students!

We would like to acknowledge the members of the Moral Education Committee, Civic Education Committee, RS Department, PE Department, IT Department for the hard work they have put into the making of these online programmes. We have poured their heart and soul into the process, with the singular goal of helping everyone find growth amidst all this uncertainty and bring some balance into our lives.

There will be new content on the page every Monday and Thursday starting next week; please stay tuned and we look forward to your enthusiastic response!

Yours sincerely,
DBS Booster Special Task Force

Attachment: SN-2004-104 DBS Booster.pdf
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